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My Noticer
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nailing Knee Slides & TNT

So, imagine my surprise when I opened my refrigerator and saw an ugly green pig sneering at me while posted up against a box of TNT like he owned the place. Oh, I should mention an egg was involved....Landy is obsessed with angry birds and is constantly wanting to play with the eggs in our refrigerator so the pigs can steal them. I agreed to boil ONE egg for him and that could be the ONE egg he is allowed to play with. I guess once that playtime session was over he staged a heist in my refrigerator. I just LOVE the evidence of the best parts of my life all throughout my house...even in the unlikeliest of places.

Having boys is everything I thought it would be and nothing like I imagined all at the same time.

For instance...

The term "knee slide" is new to me. Apparently it's how Landon spends a good part of his time while at pre-school; mastering knee slides. I've never given a whole lot of thought about the very physical and exhausting antics of little boys. Actions that I just assumed are random bursts of energy surging through their bodies resulting in "ninja" kicks and furious fists flying through the air (among other things that exhaust me to think about) are in fact not random at all.

There is a beautiful artistry to these seemingly random flailing movements, at least in the minds of boys. I love the way their minds work and the way they see the world. I love the collection of rocks, sticks, acorns, and occasional dandelion (he knows I love them) that always seem to find their way home with us because my little boy sees something special. Lets hope that doesn't translate to snakes and frogs later in life!

Back to knee slides...They are exactly how they sound. You run full speed and then fall to your knees to see how far you can slide with your momentum. This explains a lot.. The number of pants he has destroyed in the last few months is astonishing. All of his jeans, khakis, you name it have holes in the knees. Myles is the alpha male in his class who has been mentoring him in the art of knee slides. According to Landon; Myles is also the biggest and fastest boy in their class.

Thank You Myles.

It was starting to get to the point where even his "good" pants for school were getting their fair share of  FLOOR time. I was starting to feel pretty embarrassed about his rapscallionesque (is this a word) appearance for school. At least for now that look is cute on him AND It's basically a battle I know I can't win and admitting defeat seems logical!

Besides, its awesome when he is in his own little kung-fu Landy world practicing his "moves" and I hear him mutter under his breath "nailed it". The thing is, he legitimately thinks he has reached super hero status. And not just according to him or the biased mom standard...
In his mind he may as well be Jet Li. I love his confidence and the fact that he isn't afraid to imagine big.

He loves to show me how strong and formidable he is. I realize how important this kind of imaginative play is for his well being. The way he sees himself and the way his dad and I view him will help shape him into a strong and formidable man. A man who knows who and what he is and maybe more importantly who and what he isn't.

For the record, super heroes got nothing on Landon!

Here's to nailing the knee slide!

Just Landon being strong and formidable